duckiz studio | dance crew @ school of the art institute of chicago

role: leader and art director

DUCKIZ was first established in 2017 by a former SAIC Alum to diversify the dance culture at SAIC. Starting off with a very simple brand of one logo and the name DUCKIZ (i.e. The KIDZ), I took on the role of Leader and Art Director building a team of dancers and creators.  

Over the years, a team of other SAIC designers and I expanded the brand refining the name to DUCKIZ Studio. We continued to expand our brand on YouTube and Instagram to document the many hours of dedication and also hone in on the unique circumstance of being performers at an art school. 

Starting with an initial style guide, I faced a lot of design challenges when creating the videos you see above. I was able to create a plethora of design assets that are continuously used across multiple platforms ranging from poster and merch designs to the beginning and ending title sequences in videos. 

I was not only able to advance my skills in 2D/3D animation but also lead and provide an outlet for fellow designers to use DUCKIZ Studio as a means to learn new skills in dance and design as well as forming an unforgettable bound with one another. 

01 motion graphics

02 graphic design

From print to screen, I had the opportunity of designing digital signage to posters to merch for school-wide events and social media platforms.  Most of my documentation lives on the DUCKIZ Studio Instagram page.

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