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precious nature | short film (2019-2020)

Timothy Morton quotes, “The Anthropocene is the moment at which we humans begin to realize that the correct way to understand ourselves as a species is as a hyperobject.” This project started with a sparked interest in the Anthropocene. I’ve never been one to think deeply about climate change but in an effort to become more responsible for my actions, I started to research Anthropocentrism. This philosophical viewpoint argues that humans are the most important beings in the world. As a way of detaching myself from this project, I approached four individuals asking the simple question: “what’s most precious to you?”. 


You don't know how good something is until you lose it. I think that we take even the smallest things for granted. There's a parallel between the precious nature of the Earth and the everyday items/interactions/people that we find precious to us.  I hope viewers find this comparison as a starting point to think about the responsibility we hold for the home we share. We can't enjoy the things that are precious to us if we don't have the very thing that homes these interactions, feelings, and things. 

01 moodboard

02 experimentation

03 stills

from my initial moodboard to my experimentation stage, I was forcing this idea of the Anthropocene rather than being inspired by it so then I decided that I would collaborate with the four individuals in my film to separate myself a little bit...

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