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you aren't me | short film (2019)

With just a month of Maya under my belt, I was able to make this short film inspired by a recent event that was happening in my life. It’s not an unusual occurrence to copy someone, especially when it comes to pop culture, but what is it like when someone that you are close to starts to strip of your uniqueness. 


There was a sense of replication of my personality and my physical traits that made me feel like a mold. By using the same house model and differentiating the colors, I used the imagery often found in suburban neighborhoods to avoid using human models to tell my story. Being inspired by the kitchen is the heart of the home, I attempt to find ways to personify a home through lighting and design. 


One unique edition to this short film is the gallery setting the film starts and ends with. Objects found in museums and galleries are often untouchable — simply there for viewing pleasure. From my personal experience, I wanted to translate that no one would know how I truly felt about this occurrence but to simply observe it. 

01 process

02 stills

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